Infinite Value


Infinite Value 


Year: 2009
Material: 3 digital prints in front of each other in frame.
Sizes: 5 x 74 x 53 cm


3 Digital prints overlaid with cut outs in a special wooden frame.
By cutting out parts of the first image, another image appears, creating a psychedelic fragmentized experience, where real holes in the photo print and photographed holes merge to create a distinct visual experience.

Katanga Bub at Sandy Brown, Berlin


Press Image



Katanga Bub


Year: 2011
Size: 35.43 x 56.69 inch
Material: Mobile devices glued on a light box displaying a press image of the Katanga mines in the Kongo, rephotographed under water.


The extreme ends of the mobile device industry are brought together in ‘Katanga Bub’.
It is based on a press image depicting the landscape and workers of Katanga, in The Democratic Republic of Congo – an area mined for many minerals like tungsten and coltan, which have been crucial for the manufacture of mobile devices. For this work the press image of the Katanga mines has been re-photographed underwater and set within a freestanding display unit. as water ripples and bubbles float over the surface, distort- ing the scene underneath, the screens of numerous mobile phones show clearer details of the same view of the Katanga mine. The elemental earthy origins of the mines are (re)connected with the liquefied luxuriance of global technology commodities and their marketing aesthetics, to express the easy exchange of information through these devices. This work fuses two opposing but connected ends of the story: on one hand the mobile devices help spread knowledge and raise global awareness, with the false prom- ise of engendering a better world. On the other hand, while the economy of “rare earths” props up the problematic social and political infrastructures of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it also reveals the recursive relationships between matter and information underwritten by the move from production to product; from raw material to data generation. 


Air Gap Exchange Platform







Air Gap Exchange Platform by Anne de Vries

Published in C Photo 7: Photographicness
Curated by Charlotte Cotton
ISBN-13: 978-8494053597


This work is an interactive experimental art purchase system through which the viewer can acquire a work by making a photograph of this page and printing it. To register the work officially an amount of purchaser’s choice has to be transferred to the bank ac count found below. From then on the unique art piece will be part of the “Air Gap Image Exchange” project and be listed as: “In courtesy of the account holder” and “made by the account holder in collaboration with Anne de Vries”. For this a certificate of authenticity can be obtained from Gallery Martin van Zomeren.









Year: 2011
Size: Variable
Material: Wood, metal, ceramic, digital photo prints


This piece consists of photographs taken from the clouds above Amsterdam in 2007
printed on 18 tables with ceramic hands holding mobile devices on top, calling, making pictures, texting.




Anne_de_Vries_cave2caveFOIL_MG_0991cc ANNE DE VRIES



Year: 2011
Size: 130 x 100 cm (60.63 inch x 33.46 inch)
Material: UV print on Mirror Foil


These works where created with photographs of cave paintings as found online, then hung in a reconstruction of a cave made out of cardboard. Mirror foil was placed in front of the opening of the cardboard cave, through which the wrinkled reflections of the cave images were photographed. These were then printed back on mirror foil.


CAVE2CAVE_MG_1286_web CAVE2CAVE_MG_1379_web

CAVE2CAVE_MG_0935_web CAVE2CAVE_MG_1255_web
CAVE2CAVE_MG_1189_web CAVE2CAVE_MG_0500_webbb

Copyright by Anne de Vries