Stomping Grounds

STOMPING GROUNDS, a 1:1 replica made from sand, of the giant gold vault, underneath the jewish-owned Wertheim building which after a turbulent history, and the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 became the cradle of techno music from Detroit, Chicago, UK, and of course Germany.

STOMPING GROUNDS got produced 🏗 in collaboration with Curators: Adriano Rossellini @fiefdrano & Edessa Evelyn Malle @___artyheidi___ Researcher: Sven von Thülen (der klang der familie) @svenvt_909 Sand carvers: Bouke Atema @boukeatema Jeroen Advocaat @advocaatjeroen. Sound designers: Rowan Ben Jackson @floridfauna Odysseas Constantinous @_ghostmeet_ 4D Sound: Usomo @usomo_sound and many more..

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