Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2023
Dimensions: Variable
Material: 14 fully functioning toilets on a dance floor with a light and soundsystem.
Description: This “immersive” installation consists of 14 fully functioning toilets on a dancefloor, with lights and a soundsystem.
The installation serves as a stage, hosting several performers, musicians, and the club night, ‘CLUB UNCLOG’. All took place over the course of the one-month exhibition period.
This first incarnation has been hosted and produced by Trauma in Berlin.

April 29th: Opening Night: Evita Manji (live) AMNESIA SCANNER (DJset) SCHIRIN (DJset)
May 4th: TRAUMA UNCLOGGED: PRICE (live performance)
May 11th: TRAUMA UNCLOGGED: Jan Vorisek (live) SADAF (live)
May 20th: CLUB UNCLOG: 7777 の天使, Dmitra, Dasychira, Jasmine Infiniti, DJ Mantis.

The Opening

'The Opening' an event, performance and installation by artist Anne de Vries and Alberto de Michele, 2003

Title: The Opening
Artists: Anne de Vries, Alberto De Michele
When: May 22-27th, 2000
About: An art performance, installation, and event occurred over the course of one ‘work-week’ at the Gerrit Rietveld Pavilion in Amsterdam. During this event, two artists confined themselves within a black cube, equipped with only essential amenities: a bed, food, a toilet, and a single small pocket camera whose flash served as their sole source of light.