All days

Foto by GJ van Rooij




All Days of Aquarius
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2011
Size: 188 cm x 42 meter (74.02 x 1653.54 inch)
Material: Solvent print on Vinyl


A calendar presenting every single day of the 2150 year-long time period, starting with 1962-02-04 it continues into the year 4114.
With the total length of 42 meters, this calendar can be exhibited in different ways, rolled or enrolled as much as fits in the exhibition space.


Documentation views from TruEye SurView at W139 in Amsterdam, ‘Superficial Hygiene‘ at Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, Max Mayer Gallery in Dusseldorf, and E_MERGE at Foam Museum

Hold on, Auto Future





Hold On, Auto Future
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2013
Size: 250cm x 450cm x 300cm
Material: stainless steel, solvent printed bath towels with data from the future.

In and around the handrail we find towels hanging and laying around, like leftovers from physical activity.
On these towels data is printed, computer-generated data describing events scheduled 100 to several 1000 years from now.
The texts are results of random web-based searches unveiling an existing auto-generated future.