Steps of Recursion – ICG

anne de vries


Steps of Recursion on rail – ICG


Year: 2012
Size: 135 x 110 x 75 cm
Material: steel frame, UV print, plastic


In this sculpture, a digital print is connected to a steer rail somewhat inspired by those found in airports and subway stations. Functional, stainless-steel street furniture supports a safe and smooth transit. In the digital print we see the reflection of one sneaker becoming the next but same sneaker, bent into shape of small steps which smoothly wiggle from A to B.

Sneakers, can be experienced as a very direct enhancement of the body and are also often branded to embody the spirit to strive further to improve oneself. Recursion as it appears in Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science, could be seen as the stable factor at the core code of our reality. The question remains to what extend the constant push for adaption and improvement of our species is already included in this equation.