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Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2011
Material: HD video projection
Size: 3 meter x 135 cm projection screen
Length: 5 minute Loop
Sound: James Whipple (aka M.E.S.H.)
Technical assistance: Timur Si-Qin
Text: Parts from Bertrand Russell’s ‘A.B.C. of Relativity’ Philosophical consequences


Watch the online version of FORECAST here


‘Forecast’ is a computer-generated video in which the camera is panning through photographs of a blue sky with clouds photographed over Amsterdam.
There is a slow voice that takes us through specific segments of Bertrand Russell’s book “ABC of Relativity” in which Russell explicates differences between actuality and perception.
Addressing relativity theory and concepts of space-time. Halfway through the video, the reading of Bertrand Russell’s text turns into music, leading the viewer into a more associative experience. 


Documentation views from Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Denmark, Max Mayer Gallery in Dusseldorf, and E_MERGE at Foam Museum