Around the Eye






Around the Eye
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2013
Material: Digital print on extruded polystyrene XPS, plexiglass, aluminum frame

Presentation at Liste, Basel 2014

with Martin van Zomeren
Copyright: Anne de Vries

All days

Foto by GJ van Rooij




All Days of Aquarius
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2011
Size: 188 cm x 42 meter (74.02 x 1653.54 inch)
Material: Solvent print on Vinyl


A calendar presenting every single day of the 2150 year-long time period, starting with 1962-02-04 it continues into the year 4114.
With the total length of 42 meters, this calendar can be exhibited in different ways, rolled or enrolled as much as fits in the exhibition space.


Documentation views from TruEye SurView at W139 in Amsterdam, ‘Superficial Hygiene‘ at Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, Max Mayer Gallery in Dusseldorf, and E_MERGE at Foam Museum

Hold on, Auto Future





Hold On, Auto Future
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2013
Size: 250cm x 450cm x 300cm
Material: stainless steel, solvent printed bath towels with data from the future.

In and around the handrail we find towels hanging and laying around, like leftovers from physical activity.
On these towels data is printed, computer-generated data describing events scheduled 100 to several 1000 years from now.
The texts are results of random web-based searches unveiling an existing auto-generated future.

Air Gap Hold On





Air Gap Hold On
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2012
Material: Stainless steel, Digital print on a towel, Digital print on plastic.
Size: 117 cm x 60 x 8 cm


Air gap (plumbing)
An air gap, as it relates to the plumbing trade, is the unobstructed vertical space between the water outlet and the flood level of a fixture. A simple example is the space between a wall mounted faucet and the sink rim (this space is the air gap). Water can easily flow from the faucet into the sink, but there is no way that water can flow from the sink into the faucet without modifying the system. This arrangement will prevent any contaminants in the sink from flowing into the potable water system by siphonage and is the least expensive form of backflow prevention.


Air gap (networking)
An air gap or air wall is a security measure often taken for computers and computer networks that must be extraordinarily secure. It consists of ensuring that a secure network is physically isolated from insecure networks, such as the public Internet or an insecure local area network. Frequently the air gap is not completely literal, such as via the use of dedicated cryptographic devices that can tunnel packets over untrusted networks while avoiding packet rate or size variation. Even in this case, there is no ability for computers on opposite sides of the air gap to communicate.

Katanga Bub






Katanga Bub
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2011
Size: 35.43 x 56.69 inch
Material: Mobile devices glued on a light box displaying a press image of the Katanga mines in the Kongo, rephotographed under water.


The extreme ends of the mobile device industry are brought together in ‘Katanga Bub’.
It is based on a press image depicting the landscape and workers of Katanga, in The Democratic Republic of Congo – an area mined for many minerals like tungsten and coltan, which have been crucial for the manufacture of mobile devices. For this work, the press image of the Katanga mines has been re-photographed underwater and set within a freestanding display unit. as water ripples and bubbles float over the surface, distort- ing the scene underneath, the screens of numerous mobile phones show clearer details of the same view of the Katanga mine. The elemental earthy origins of the mines are (re)connected with the liquefied luxuriance of global technology commodities and their marketing aesthetics, to express the easy exchange of information through these devices. This work fuses two opposing but connected ends of the story: on one hand, the mobile devices help spread knowledge and raise global awareness, with the false promise of engendering a better world. On the other hand, while the economy of “rare earth” props up the problematic social and political infrastructures of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it also reveals the recursive relationships between matter and information underwritten by the move from production to the product; from raw material to data generation.


Exhibition views from Trails Rising at Sandy Brown Gallery in Berlin, The Composing Rooms in London, and Treijac Project in France

The (s)Oil we Eat





at Aral GmbH
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2014
Dimensions: 241 x 112 x 51 cm
Materials: Earth from Naturpark Hoher Fläming, Aral BlueTronic SAE 10W-40, Sonax Xtreme antifrost&klarsicht konzentrat Nano Pro, Ignite Vitamin water, Acrylic pipes, Rubber corks, Stainless steel, Paint.







at Holiday Inn
Artist: Anne de Vries

Year: 2014
Dimensions:  318 x 100 x 31 cm

Materials: Purex Laundry detergent, Comfort Lavender laundry softener, Cola Light, Acrylic pipes, Rubber corks, Stainless steel, Paint.





at Strani Venice
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2014
Dimensions: 225 x 120 x 35 cm
Materials: Aperol Sprits, Chianti, Piatti Detergenti, Acrylic pipes, Rubber cork, Steal, Paint.





at Capbreton Beach
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2014
Dimensions: 278 x 190 x 31 cm

Materials: Vinaigre aux herbes, Huile d’olive, Acrylic pipes, Rubber corks, Stainless steel, Paint, Beach sand, Styrofoam.







at Téte de Rigaud
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2014
Dimensions: 98 x 58 x 30 cm
Materials: Soil, Styrofioam, Beer lid, Tiny metal stands.




Copyright: Anne de Vries








Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2011
Size: Variable
Material: Wood, metal, ceramic, digital photo prints


This piece consists of photographs taken from the clouds above Amsterdam in 2007
Inkjet printed on 18 tables with ceramic hands holding mobile devices, calling, taking pictures, texting.


Exhibition views from TruEye surView curated by Katja Novitskova at W139 in Amsterdam

TruEYE surView : Anne de Vries & Yngve Holen



Catalogue for duo exhibition by: Anne de Vries and Yngve Holen


Texts by Karen Archey/Anne de Vries, Martin Jaeggi, Joshua Simon and Timur Si-Qin.
Edited and designed by Katja Novitskova


ISBN: 978-90-817892-0-2
PDF version available HERE  

Free Slide




Free Slide
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2012
Material: Stainless steel, with plastic skateboard wheels attached
Size: 210 x 105 cm








Listening, 01, 02, 03
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2015
Dimensions: Variable
Materials: Mixed Media work, Vinyl with UV-Print, Stones coated in Silicon, Poly Utherane foam coated in Silicon, Steel, Kneed pox, Acrylic hair.


Documentation view from the duo exhibition by Anne de Vries and Olga Balema at Michael Thibault gallery Los Angeles

Air Gap Exchange Platform





Air Gap Exchange Platform
Artist: Anne de Vries
Published in C Photo 7: Photographicness
Curated by Charlotte Cotton
ISBN-13: 978-8494053597


This work is an interactive experimental art purchase system through which the viewer can acquire a work by making a photograph of this page and printing it.
To register the work officially an amount of purchaser’s choice has to be transferred to the bank account found below.
From then on the unique art piece will be part of the “Air Gap Image Exchange” project and be listed as: “In courtesy of the account holder” and “made by the account holder in collaboration with Anne de Vries”.
For this, a certificate of authenticity can be obtained from Gallery Martin van Zomeren.

Turn Out




Modern Turn Up


Turn Out 
Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2010
Materials: Digital prints on laminated wooden display boxes.
Size: variable




Artist: Anne de Vries
Year: 2005
Material: c-print
Size: 60 x 45 cm